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As an aerosol manufacturer, we see it as our duty to inform you about recycling. In the following, you will learn how our products are disposed of in a recycling-friendly manner.

What does recycling actually mean?
Simply put, recycling means that things are not thrown away, but that material is reused. The recycling process is also called "material recovery". Glass, paper, cardboard, iron, non-ferrous metals and plastics are particularly suitable for this. An important prerequisite for "material recovery" is that the recyclable materials are collected as purely as possible or that they are separated from the rest of the waste as easily as possible.

The basic principle is:
All produced products of European Aerosols can be returned to the recycling cycle after residual emptying. Important here is the separation of all possible packaging components without having to use any tools!

This means that all products must be completely empty and the individual packaging components separated from each other. If the products are not completely empty, they must be handed in at collection points such as recycling centers. Please note that the names of the municipal and communal collection points are sometimes different. If you are unsure or have detailed questions, always contact your city or municipality directly.