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Our Story.

Our Story

In 1998, MoTip B.V. (Netherlands) merged with Vogelsang AG (Switzerland), which was known for its DUPLI-COLOR brand, to form the MOTIP DUPLI Group. Both companies had been founded long before the merger in '98. What started as a small idea grew into a company with 1000+ employees operating throughout the whole of Europe.

MoTip B.V.
At the end of the 1960s, Wout Post, founder of MoTip, started selling “touch-up”  paint from his father's shed in Valkenburg in the south of the Dutch province of Zuid-Holland. Years later, he started experimenting with pigments and creating his own colour shades. Around 1980, the company switched to developing spray paint. The factory was established in Steenwijk, but later moved to Wolvega, where it continued to expand.

Vogelsang AG
Kurt Vogelsang AG was founded in Schwerzenbach, Switzerland in 1946. From the distribution of building protection paints, paint rollers and rust converters, the company developed into paints for car paint repair. In Germany, the first production of touch-up pencils began at the Haßmersheim site in 1956 and spray cans from 1955. In the 1980s, paint and special effect sprays were then also supplied for the newly established DIY market. With the launch of DUPLI-COLOR AQUA in 1986, the world's first water-based paint spray was introduced to the market and growth was strongly accelerated.

Moving forward together
In 1996, the VoMo Corporation was established in Switzerland as an independent purchasing company of Vogelsang Gmbh and MoTip B.V. This laid the foundation for the merger that was to follow in 1998. Integration then followed throughout the noughties. Now it is time for European Aerosols to distance itself from the product brands MOTIP and DUPLI-COLOR, and to position and develop them more strongly as individual product brands.

The future of European Aerosols
We are active on the European market and with the name European Aerosols we are strengthening our position in that market. Our ambition is to produce even more spray cans in a responsible and sustainable way.