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Private Label.

Private Label Solutions

European Aerosols offers a wide range of products in the following sectors:

  • Automotive
  • Industrial
  • Paints and Coatings

The assortment ranges from decorative paint sprays to professional automotive paints, from putties to fillers, from high quality technical sprays to high quality industrial products. Thanks to many years of experience and a high level of know-how, we specialize in the development, production and distribution of aerosols and touch-up pencils.
And we also offer all products as private label solutions for you. From adapting your existing product to your brand requirements to creating a completely new product. 

Our competences

  • Modern production facilities
  • Research and development department
  • European legislation (In-house Hazardous Materials Management Department)
  • Distribution throughout Europe
  • Optimized stock keeping
  • Logistical solutions
  • Product training
  • ISO certification: Standard for quality management systems ISO 9001, environmental management standard ISO 14001 and standard for energy management systems ISO 50001

Modern production facilities

European Aerosols production facilities are located in Germany and the Netherlands. With over 14 production lines, we manufacture 150 million spray cans per year. European Aerosols stocks over 25,000 items.

Research & Development

Our Research and Development Department investigates the possibility of filling the product into a spray can and develops the appropriate formulation. You will be competently accompanied by our experts from the requirements document through formulation and sampling to the test phase.

Hazardous Materials Management

Our Hazardous Materials Management Department is the specialist department for chemicals law. Thanks to excellent networking in committees of chemical and professional associations, our employees are well informed about current and future developments in chemical law.
With the help of our experts, you are supported in ensuring the legal conformity of your products. Here, for example, the formulations are checked for compliance with current legislation (including REACH). Based on the final formulation, the safety data sheet is prepared.

The spray can

Based on the formulation and application, a suitable can model is determined. It can be a standard can, an aluminium can or a coated can with a volume between 150 ml and 750 ml (other containers are possible on request). To obtain a suitable spray pattern that meets your requirements, a suitable combination of a valve and a nozzle is determined. A wide range of closure is possible.

Graphical Studio and Label Department

All experience and competence is also available for the design of the label or litho based on your brand guidelines. Especially our experts from the label team know the current legislations in terms of legal information on the layout and in the application texts.


In terms of packaging, European Aerosols is flexible and offers a variety of solutions. The volume can be adapted from one can per carton to complete displays, both in standard layouts and in customized layouts.


Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) based communication - The electronic exchange of business documents such as orders, delivery bills and invoices is standard for us. Structured data is exchanged quickly, easily and securely using internationally valid business document standards.


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